Do you want to make an effective dent in the market? Do you want to reach millions of people in India instantly?

Then Traditional PR services can help you realize it.
At Purple Media Works, we offer traditional PR solutions covering all kinds of electronic and print media sources. However, there may be other PR agencies in India offering similar services, but what differentiate us from others is our approach and skills. Our approach to traditional PR is simple, where we meticulously work on your brand positioning and brand storytelling, before launching it in traditional media channels. Again, by precisely segmenting and targeting, we ensure that you reach your target audience through right media or medium. Our cost-effective approach focuses on efficiency, where we endeavor to minimize cost and maximize outcome, quality and returns. Moreover, our extensive skills both at communication, strategizing, branding and creativity enable us to re/create out-of-the-box and unparalleled public relations tactics and organize activities for you.


1. Electronic Media

% Media Coverage
  • Social Media
  • Tv Advertisement
  • Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Outdoor Adv.

In traditional media channels, we also have electronic media under the hood, where we cover Radio and TV. There is abundance of TV and Radio channels, by effectively targeting and positioning your brand in the proposition, we get you the results at minimal cost. We have access to large network of TV and Radio channels from national to local levels, and also with our extensive personal rapport with celebrities and bollywood, that can instantly get your rand/business/personal brand enviable leverage over your competitors. Our traditional PR services and solutions are optimized to make the much-needed dent in your industry, and improve your reputation exponentially with innovative PR strategies.

2. Print Media

Our large network with national to local level newspapers and magazines, allow us to take your brand to pan India to local levels without much hassle. Moreover, with stronger relations with print media houses gives us added advantage over bargaining, with this advantage we ensure you get the best bargain exclusively every time. Apart from this, we also offer you billboard services, where get your ad campaigns much needed exposure in local markets across India by effectively targeting the high returning places. Again, our network and placement buyouts are unmatched in quantity and quality.